• It appears to be a money laundering operation, there is so much coming in and no accountable for much of what is coming out.

    — Lisa Garcia, State Worker

    Lisa Garcia
  • “That is why we filed our lawsuit, to see how much is for us and how much is for their personal gain.”

    — Mariam Noujaim, State Worker

    Mariam Noujaim
  • “If you work for SEIU, you are their puppet and if you don’t dance the way they want you to, you’re out.”

    — Susy Dellacasa-Mills, Former SEIU employee

    Susy Dellacasa-Mills
  • “I feel I got used by the Union. They pushed me out and they forced me to retire.”

    — Ellen Marshall, Retired State Worker

    Ellen Marshall
  • “I stumbled upon a way to get out of the union 100% as a conscientious objector .”

    — David Joyce, Conscientious Objector

    David Joyce
  • “When I became board of directors, I wanted to look for transparency, asking for their accounting books. I became their enemy. I got sued by the union and as a result I had to resign.”

    — Alex Hernandez, Former Labor Leader

    Alex Hernandez