When a system becomes the problem it was created to solve, the people suffer even more. Such has been the situation with a number of unions that were made to be the solution to employees whenever an infringement of their rights has occurred. When your leader infringes on your rights, you run to the union, but if you land in the hands of a bad union, you are left with nowhere to go. Institutions that push for transparency in unions can help you get your voice heard as you demand your rights.


The roles of such institutions

A common scenario is when you demand to be told how your union dues have been spent in a transparent manner only to become the victim. Transparency institutions are coming in to be the push that elected leaders need to be accountable on how they spend money that belongs to the members. It is the responsibility of the organizations that keep watch over unions to hold the institutions and leaders accountable for wastages.

People experience pay cuts or job cuts in the name of reducing expenditure, yet this money continues to go down the drain. It is the work of the transparency institutions to bring such expenditure to light. It is such a shame that repeated attempts by the public to demand for accountability have fallen on deaf ears.


Areas you can join the union in asking for accountability

You need to know how your money is spent on things like car allowance, mortgage payments, and housing allowances. When elected leaders travel, they need to account for how much they spent on airfare and accommodation. The information on how they spend money through their credit cards should not be concealed.

To be a part of the movement, join Union Transparency, which is one of the institutions that is first becoming a voice of the people against wastage by the elected union leaders.