The labor union was established in order to give the working class a voice. It was meant to stand up for the people who were spending their lives working long hours in order to make ends meet. It was supposed to be working for the interest of its members. However, over time, people in position became corrupt. They began to prioritize interests and projects that were different from that of the laborers. The people running the union began to use the organizations funds for purposes other than that which they were meant to be.

Shady Deals

Over the years a lot of lawsuits were filed against SEIU. Often, these cases were simple demands for transparency and accountability. Although these might be simple cases in the beginning, it turns out that it is more than just a case of undisclosed expenses. As the case progressed, it was found out that there was more to it than meets the eye. The heads of SEIU had a reason for keeping financial records confidential. Making laborers even more eager to find out where their hard earned contributions go. Following such an event was a widespread call for SEIU members to bring out the financial records out in the public. But as expected this demand has been left unentertained.

Making the right decision

Union Transparency is a movement that aims to promote the interests of the union members. The aim of the group is to provide support and assistance for the union members to push union leaders, representatives and board members in bringing out their financial statements voluntarily. The group aims to promote transparency, equality and see to it that the members of the union get what they paid for. To ensure that the members’ contribution is not misused or wasted in any form.