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AUDIT LAWSUIT AGAINST SEIU LOCAL 1000 Mariam Noujaim vs Union Of California State Workers dba SEIU Local 1000 Superior Court Of the State Of California Case No: 34-2014-80001874   Repeated attempts by Union Transparency members to push labor representatives, officers and board members to disclose expenses voluntarily have been met with resistance. On October 15, 2014, a member of the SEIU Local 1000 filed a lawsuit demanding financial transparency. READ THE LAWSUIT HERE! Among the requests: an accounting of car allowances disclosure of...

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Summary of Hamidi v. SEIU

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State Employees (SEIU Non-members aka “Fair Share Fee Payers”), Filed A Class Action Lawsuit Against SEIU Local 1000 in US District Court For The Eastern District Of California. The lawsuit would force the union to stop requiring Fair Share Fee payers to file for Non-Germane Objector status annually.  Effectively, converting the current “Opt-out” process, into an “Opt-in” process. Hamidi v. SEIU Local 1000, Case # 2:14-at-00129, Filed On 01/31/14 On January 31, 2014, Ken Hamidi, President of CPPEA, and seventeen other California state...

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Wasting Money

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SEIU is no stranger when it comes to political work and spending money on politics. Here are a few recent examples. They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars from its members meddling in local Chicago politics. Last year, they also decided to waste members’ money by meddling in Minnesota politics. They are attacking Senators up for reelection next year for opposing Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty program. They are also meddling in local Philadelphia politics. – See more at:...

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SEIU is once again standing in the way of a company purchasing failing health care facilities. Four government-run dialysis centers in New York City lost $103 million last year. A local chain of dialysis centers has offered to buy them. A report was just released showing that the care provided by the chain is just as good as the care provided by the city. The city health system, which has plenty of other problems, would like to sell; but SEIU opposes it. The fight over the sale has already dragged on for 15 months. – See more at:...

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