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SEIU has once again been caught picking the pockets of California security guards who do not wish to be a part of SEIU, reports National Right to Work Lega Defense Foundation: With free legal assistance from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, Universal Protection Service security guard Daniel Ozabuki filed an unfair labor practice charge for himself and seven other guards against the union alleging a litany of rights abuses… Ozabuki and at least four other security guards have refrained from union membership for several years....

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Teachers fight for “FREE CHOICE”

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Rebecca Friedrichs: “We thought the employees were the bosses, so why have union officials become so tyrannical? Because of a flawed 1977 Supreme Court decision, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, unions collect billions in forced dues as a condition of employment; therefore, they have no incentive to meet the needs or desires of employees. Workers have been relegated to cash cows”.’...

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SEIU STOP bullying us. Pay back what you owe us….this is our Money…!!!

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Two California healthcare workers are suing their local union and the government for illegally collecting dues payments. Jeffery Lum and Andrew Li are leading a class action lawsuit against SEIU Local 521, alleging that the union illegally docked their paychecks for dues money. Lum and Li are pharmacists at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a county-owned hospital that primarily serves Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare beneficiaries, as well as trauma patients. The pair opted out of union membership and chose to become agency fee payers,...

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We demand our right to Vote

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State worker Mariam Noujaim says, “This is America, we deserve to be able to vote for which union will represent us.

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