Workers who work hard every day deserves to be benefited in any way. Without the hard work of every worker in different fields, bosses and business owners cannot be what they are today. Workers do their particular job very well just to secure their living. But sometimes, workers are being abused with different kind of unjust policies and deals. They are not getting the rights they deserve.

As an employer, it is important that you know your workers’ rights in order to give fair rules and policies. Let’s enumerate the basic rights every worker must have.

Tenure security

Employees should have their security of tenure. This will secure that the employee will not be terminated without any valid cause and authorized reason.

Rest days

Every worker deserves to have their regular day off or a rest day. This will keep your hard-working staff from getting sick and in return you will

Wage and Benefits

Every worker works to earn. Wage is what every workers earn and deserve out of their job. This can be given monthly, weekly, or even daily. Wage rate is usually based on the working hours or working days. During holidays and overtime, employers typically pay additional wages. Workers are also given a yearly bonus, the 13th month pay.

Wage in Cash

Wage should be given in cash.

Security and Safety

Employers must secure the safety of their workers. The workers must be given security benefit.

Rights for Union

Workers are given the right to create or join with worker’s organization. Every employee can be a member of a union to secure their rights and benefits. The Union Transparency is a reliable union organization, which can give protection to every employee’s rights.

The success of every business will depend on how the employers and employees work together for one goal. So, every employer must take care of their employees, and in return, every employee must do their job properly.