1. Problems at work? – If there is unfair treatment in your workplace, joining a union can help you. When there are difficulties and inequalities, a union can help you get the workplace leveled.
  2. Need a voice? – Have you ever been at work and felt unheard? Unions were created for mainly just that – to have a voice, and to be heard! If you have ideas, wants, working together in a union will build a bigger voice, and have more of an impact in the workplace.
  3. At risk job? – If you are in an at risk job, union jobs have a better record of a safer workplace environment. Also, being in a union job allows you to voice any unsafe conditions in an immediate manner.
  4. Security – Job security is a big worry these days, as jobs often lay off and fire people at the blink of an eye. Union jobs do not have the ability to fire you simply because they want to at the drop of the hat. Everyone has heard those awful stories of being laid-off so the boss can hire his sister’s son. Union jobs don’t allow for you to be demoted arbitrarily, or prevent you from a promotion for no apparent and reasonable cause.
  5. Wages – Money! The reason why we all work! If you are undervalued and underpaid, you can speak up about this with your union and earn the pay you deserve. Whether it be your general salary, hourly wage, or pay on holidays, you can speak up and be paid fairly. Also, the pay in a unionized workplace is higher.
  6. Vacation and breaks – Do you deserve a break? Do you need a break? Unionized jobs receive more annual time off than other jobs. This is all because union members have fought a long battle to get the treatment workers deserve!