SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker would receive three times her current wages under a new executive pay proposal that the union’s statewide council will consider at its Sept. 16-19 meeting in Oakland.

The plan calls for members serving in Local 1000’s top job to earn a total compensation package of$150,000 per year. In Walker’s case, the union would tack on $103,000 to the $47,000 gross pay she receives as a legal secretary with the Department of Justice.
Because Walker is on full-time union paid leave, SEIU already reimburses the state for her salary plus 35 percent to cover her benefits. So in reality, the entire $150,000 would come from union resources.

The pay plan also establishes a $125,000 annual compensation package for Local 1000’s secretary treasurer, the vice president of organizing and representation and the vice president of bargaining. The union estimates the total cost of boosting pay for the four offices would total about $295,000 per year.

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